Coming full circle with refunds

We’re constantly working to challenge the status quo for online payments in Pakistan. When we launched Safepay, one of our core features was to empower merchants to make quick and easy refunds.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Easy refunds benefit both the merchant and their customer, and generally makes the world a happier place. A merchant can easily refund any transaction directly from their Safepay merchant dashboard — no need for calls and emails to unhelpful customer support. As long as you have a positive balance in your Safepay account, you can refund your customer. The refunded amount usually shows up in the customer’s account within 7–10 business days.

Now, we’re super excited to launch an even more useful feature for our merchants — partial refunds. Previously a merchant would only be able to refund the entire amount of a transaction. Partial refunds now allow a merchant to refund any amount less than the entire transaction value. This feature will save merchants time and pain. A merchant is now able to surgically decide amounts to refund to keep their customers happy and also resolve any chargebacks or disputes raised quickly.

We believe easy refunding is important to grow the trust in making online payments in Pakistan. This feature is now live and available for every merchant using Safepay. Please email us if you notice any issues or have any concerns.

To take advantage of this feature as a merchant, learn more by reading our refund guide on our knowledge center

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