Introducing payment search

Payment Search is the latest addition to Safepay's dashboard, enhancing our search functionality and making our customers' lives easier.

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We’re privileged to have 150+ merchants that we work with 24 hours a day to ensure that their customers are able to pay them quickly, securely and consistently. The valuable feedback we receive means we’re always busy working on future product development to solve problems that our merchants face

Today is no different. We’ve just released a new feature which you will notice the next time you log into and navigate to the payments page on your Safepay dashboard — increased search functionality. Merchants are now able search for payments by tracker, reference and email.

While the option to download your store’s ledger is still available through our export feature, merchants have been asking for ways to quickly respond to new payments or easily diagnose issues their customers are facing by being able to lookup a payment through a few key attributes. We hope this can be seen as step in the right direction! The next time you want to search for a particular transaction that has taken place on your store, you can simply use one of the three criteria to search through payments made on your Safepay Account.

How to use the new search functionality

When you navigate to the Payments page, you’ll see a dropdown button next to a search input bar. Choose the appropriate criteria you want to search by and enter the text you’d like to lookup. We feel most merchants will be copy-pasting tracker token, reference codes and email addresses from other systems such as their Woocommerce, Magento or personal systems. After you’ve entered the data you wish to search for press enter and your search request will be fired. To clear search results, click on the x icon embedded on the right of the search input. We’ve put together a series of short videos that will help you understand how to use this new feature more thoroughly

Search by Tracker

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Searching for a payment by its tracker

Search by Reference

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Searching for a payment by its reference code

Search by Email

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Searching for multiple payments by email addresses

Important to note

Searching for payments through the tracker or reference will only provide you with one search result. This is because, each payment has a unique tracker token attached to it and each successful payment has a unique reference code attached to it.

Searching by emails on the other hand will return a paginated list of all transactions that have been recorded against the email address on your store. This will include all kinds of payments including completed, abandoned and failed payment attempts. We think this will help you serve your customers better by assisting them quickly when issues arise.


We’ve got some more exciting releases in the pipeline to help merchants reduce time spent and confusion on reconciliation between their Safepay Account and their store. We’d love to hear from you if you think there’s a feature we haven’t thought of before that would make your life easier.

May 5, 2020

Introducing payment search

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