Safepay enables wallet payments

We are delighted to announce that Safepay has enabled payment acceptance through mobile wallets. Customers can now pay at Safepay enabled merchants with their favorite mobile wallet.

For starters, Safepay has integrated and enabled Easypaisa on it’s checkout. If you’re a merchant accepting payments with Safepay and you’re interested in enabling Easypaisa acceptance on your checkout please get in touch with us - we’d love to get you started!

We’ll also be enabling our second wallet provider, Abhi in the coming weeks. Customers of Abhi - the Early wage company taking Pakistan by storm - will soon be able to use their early wages to purchase items from Safepay enabled merchants.

If you’re a merchant and want to enable wallet payments on your Safepay Checkout page, email us at to start the process. Since Safepay has done the heavy lifting of integrating these providers for you, all you need to do is get in touch and let us know if you would like us to enable these providers for you.

Once enabled, your customers will see a new tab on their Checkout page. Selecting “Wallets” will show them all the wallet providers we have onboarded.

Each wallet provider has its own requirements for making a payment and Safepay manages all the requirements and information gathering process for your customers. For instance, if your customer chooses to pay with Easypaisa, they would have to go through the following steps:

How do you pay from your Easypaisa wallet through Safepay?

1.Select the wallet tab on Checkout and choose Easypaisa

2.Enter a valid Easypaisa mobile number and email address. Then click authorize

3.Upon successful authorization, a screen with further instructions will appear. Click the “Make Payment” button and  approve the transaction on your Easypaisa application within 80 seconds.

4.After approving the transaction in your Easypaisa application, come back to the Safepay Checkout application. If your transaction is successful, the checkout page will automatically redirect you back to your merchant.

Once we enable Abhi, we’ll write another blog post with instructions on how to make a payment through your Abhi account. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, if you haven’t signed up for a Safepay account, sign up here and if you’re already processing payments with us, reach out if you’re interested in accepting payments through Easypaisa and Abhi!

— The Safepay Team

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