Enable your e-commerce platform with Safepay

Enabling payment acceptance on your e-commerce platform has now become easier than ever. Now you can integrate Safepay Checkout into your e-commerce platform to enable omnichannel payment acceptance across cards, accounts, and wallets for your merchants.

Online payments grew by 16% in value during the quarter of July-September 2021 but a major hindrance for merchants in Pakistan who have online businesses has been setting up payment acceptance on their websites. Integrating with legacy financial systems can take several weeks at best and at times months which can become frustrating for many entrepreneurs. This also has a direct impact on their revenue.

Safepay supports SDKs in all major programming languages including PHP, React Native, and Node. Since a large number of websites are built using these frameworks, this enables merchants to easily integrate Safepay Checkout on their websites.

The availability of Safepay’s SDKs and plugins enables easy and quick integration for your merchants, bringing the integration time down to less than 24 hours. Our omnichannel Checkout provides a one-stop solution for your customers by allowing them to pay through credit and debit cards, all major bank accounts and wallets.

Pakistan has a large number of local e-commerce development houses that help their clients with building websites, both custom made and platform based. Using our plugins available for popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, you can provide your clients with best-in-class services by integrating with Safepay. Moreover, our SDKs can be used to enable Safepay Checkout on any custom built website very easily.

Safepay’s vision is to enable seamless and efficient payment processes for Pakistani merchants by continuing to provide exceptional services. Our SDKs and Plugins enable e-commerce entrepreneurs to start and scale their online businesses, allowing them to focus on their customers while letting Safepay manage their payments.

Visit our GitHub to access our plugins.

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