Safepay Capital

Grow your business using Safepay's business friendly
and hassle free financing. Safepay Capital gives you
quick, hassle free and easy access to funds.
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What do we offer ?

Easy Repayment

You will only pay if you earn. Repayment is automated and only happens when you make a sale.
Safepay deducts a fixed percentage from your daily settlement until the loan amount is repayed.

Minimal Paperwork

With Safepay Capital, no lengthy paperwork is needed for your loan to get approved.
Since you already are onboarded with Safepay,
we have all the documents needed.

No Collateral

Using Safepay Capital to raise funds means

Fixed Fee

Safepay will give you a fixed fee which will remain constant.
No hidden charges and no fluctuations

3 steps to recieve funds

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Recieve funds in 24 hours
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