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Receiving support from financial institutions in Pakistan (or anywhere) is never really an amazing experience for merchants. For digital native entrepreneurs, having to visit branches or contact call centres for tickets to be logged is time wasted instead of focusing on their business.

At Safepay we invest time (and energy)Β in creating documentation available through our Knowledge Center and video guides available on our Youtube channel. We try to remove the mystery behind online payments and answer as many questions that may come up when you are onboarding with Safepay to actually accepting payments, but a little friendly support never hurts.

We're excited to announce our Live Chat Support directly from the Safepay merchant dashboard. Merchants are now able to directly reach out to our Support Team to assist with their onboarding as well as any other questions that come up. Just go to Help from your dashboard and click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner.


Our shiny new merchant support interface powered by Intercom

As soon as you hit the send button on our Live Chat, a customer support hero from Safepay will get in touch with you (although you should try stick to asking questions relevant to your application or about your payments through Safepay).

While Sony Sweets (Teen Talwar in Karachi) has some of the best pakoras we have tried, when you reach out we respond with advice that actually helps directly in the chat and over email.


We are available over live chat for 8 hours from 9AM - 5PM from Monday to Friday. There might be occasions like a public holiday or a technical glitch where our Live Chat might be unavailable, but you can always leave us a message at or call us on +92 320 0277931.

We're waiting to hear from you 😎


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