New merchant onboarding flow

Onboarding as a business with any bank in Pakistan is a challenge. Although it’s not really any bank’s fault - they need to comply with important know-your-customer checks as responsible financial institutions - it just seems like businesses are made to go through this manual, paper-driven process that hasn’t changed for decades. 

Our view is that this simply doesn’t work for the booming startup space of Pakistan. No entrepreneur should have to spend hours sitting at banks and calling helplines only to see their application has disappeared or not gone forward. Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve released our merchant on-boarding platform directly from their Safepay Production Account.

Built from the ground-up with both our product and legal engineers, our merchant on-boarding covers the requirements for onboarding most businesses in Pakistan so they can start accepting payments from their customers through Safepay. To get started with Safepay, go to, create your Production Account and start onboarding with us. 

Feature list

  1. User interface: We’ve kept this clean. Go through our onboarding and provide information that is relevant to you at each step. No manual forms or emailed attachments. 
  2. Tool tips: Don’t know your Form 29 from your Form II? Neither did we. We’ve built tool-tips into our onboarding process so you have access to resources that explain what you need to upload. 
  3. Saved application: Park your application and come back to it at any time.
  4. Privacy policy: We handle your data in accordance with standards that are used globally and follow strict user access protocols so only our onboarding team are able to access your information.
  5. Same great customer support: Our onboarding team is at hand at to answer any questions you may have. 

Unregistered businesses

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with companies with hundreds of employees to sole-proprietors starting off from their homes. Online merchants are spread across Pakistan, have customers across the globe and their payment needs are not handled by existing providers. 

Although some businesses don’t have their documentation in order today, they’re still generating sales and need payment services to facilitate this. We’re here to help guide you through our content.

Keep in touch!

We have also recently launched our Discord channel for more effective communication with potential merchants and their developers. Jump in and join the community so we can build the best payments technology for you.

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