Official PHP SDK for Safepay Checkout

A lot of developers in Pakistan use PHP to build and power their websites. From small personal side-projects to large applications, PHP is one of top choices for millions of developers worldwide and in Pakistan. On the other hand, any company trying to sell something online needs an easy way to accept online payments from their customers.

Consequently, we get asked multiple times for technical support, documentation and libraries on integrating Safepay into custom PHP websites, most notably in websites using Laravel as a framework.

Today, we’re extremely excited to share our official PHP SDK with our community. Using this SDK, developers can easily integrate Safepay into their checkout flow and start accepting payments from their customers as well as test payments using our sandbox environment. 

While there may be multiple implementations of Safepay Checkout in PHP in the wild right now, we aim to standardize the user and developer experience through this SDK. 

And with our goal of enabling developers to have the smoothest integration experience possible, we’ve tried our best to make sure you can integrate Safepay into your checkout flow with the minimum number of lines of code.

Our official SDK is available on Github as an open source project. Installation and integration instructions are available on the README.

Pull requests and feedback are encouraged!

If you have and questions for us feel free to reach out at 

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