Save cards with Safepay

Save your card with Safepay for a quicker and smoother payment experience

If you have ever made multiple transactions online, re-entering card information again and again is a hassle almost every online shopper has to go through. This causes customers to drop off and abandonment rates go up.

At Safepay we measure our success with the success of our merchants. We like to see our merchants grow. To facilitate our merchants’ paying customers, we are excited to announce our newest addition to the product line, a feature where paying customers can now save their card details with Safepay and carry out a transaction with a single click.  Now your customers can save their card details with Safepay for a quicker and smoother checkout experience. In just 2 clicks your customers can make payments on your website, doubling their chances of return. Unlike existing solutions in the market, Safepay’s card saving feature works every time.

Safepay is PCI DSS compliant and takes security very seriously. The way we ensure safety of customer’s saved card details is explained below:Our unique relationship with Visa allows us to use their tokenization technology. For each card saved, Cybersource (Visa) returns a permanent token which encapsulates the card details, the customer contact and their billing address. We save this token but not the card details themselves which makes it secure when customers pay with a saved card, we simply request for the token. The saved card tokens are still protected by 3D Secure so the customer will still be asked for an OTP that they receive on their phone.

We offer this feature free of costs for all our merchants and their paying customers, making us truly unique in the market where finding card saving feature that works is still something out of reach.

How can your customers use this feature

As a paying customer, once you land on Safepay’s checkout you will see a new section above the payment button as shown below

Simply enable the button to create your account and enter a suitable password

After you make a payment, your account will be created with Safepay. With this account your customers can continue to save up to 5 cards and pay instantly.

Along with this your customers can choose to pay as guests where they would not have to save their card details. If you are interested in finding out what more do we offer with this feature, please read here.

Get started with Safepay by creating a sandbox account to experience this yourself, today! If you have any questions or concerns, we’re only an email away. Reach out to us at

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