Search by third-party order information

Third-party transaction details gets first-class support.

Many of our power users on Safepay utilize various third party services to keep track of their data along with using Safepay to monitor their financial health. We recently introduced support for merchants to surface third party order information from various sources on their Safepay dashboards. You can read more about that announcement over here. But today we’re excited to take that functionality even further and make third party order information a first class citizen within Safepay itself.

Starting today merchants, store owners and their team members will be able to search for payments using third party order information as well as reconcile payments made on Safepay with accepted orders on their e-commerce platform of choice. This means that whether you run your store on Shopify, Wordpress, OpenCart or Magento, you can now search for payments made by your customers using the platform specific order id. Not only that, if you wish to reconcile payments received with orders accepted in a bulk fashion, you can export your transaction data and view the individual order ids in Excel

How to search for payments with an order id

To search for payments using an Order ID, simply login to your Safepay dashboard, click on the payments tab and from the search dropdown select “Order ID”. Paste in your external order id number and hit enter. If Safepay has captured a payment with this Order ID, you’ll see a result. Check out this short video demonstration that shows you how it works.

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Search by order id

How to export transaction level data

Starting today merchants can export a second report from the transaction tab that details all captured transactions along with their associated order id and source. This report can help reconcile orders in your e-commerce platform with payments made by your customers through Safepay. Check out this short video demonstration to understand how it works.

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We’re always listening to our merchants for valuable feedback to help improve our product. This feature is a result of our determination to be a customer centric company at our core in everything to do from providing premium support, custom development and above all a world class service that lives up to our own high expectations. Thank you for choosing Safepay and if there’s something you have in mind that would help improve the product, please get in touch!

If you haven’t joined the 200 plus merchants using Safepay to power their online businesses, feel free to follow this guide and get started. It’s totally free and we’ll guide you every step of the way!

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